Why is Jerry Sandusky in Madden 13? (Photo)

Like many of us @jfair1987 was starting off his career mode in the new Madden 13 when he says he was shocked to see this as the Top News Story for Week 2.

The Madden game adds a lot of fictitious coaches and news to the game, but this seems a little odd.

The computer version of Sandusky looks more like Mike Martz, but it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that Sandusky names appears in the game.  Could it be a glitch or someone’s bad attempt of a joke I don’t know.

I Googled to see if any current assistant coaches in the NFL were named Sandusky and found none.

Probably user created, but maybe something Madden shouldn’t allow since it shows across the connected careers.

2 thoughts on “Why is Jerry Sandusky in Madden 13? (Photo)

  • Yeah, as you can see the J in Jerry isn’t capitalized, nor is the S in Sandusky. This is someone that created a coach in coach mode to grab some attention. Dumbass guy.

  • I was more shocked that he retired during week 2.

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