Wisconsin Landlord Wants to Evict Tenants For Being Bears Fans

Personally, I don’t think this landlord should be allowed to rent to anyone. If he is trying to discriminate against Bears fans, wonder who else he has discriminated against int he past?

Via The Landlord Protection Agency’s website:

I know you guys will laugh and call me a “troll”, but here’s my very real situation.

I own a home in Green Bay, Wisconsin. My job took me down Lake Michigan a ways towards Milwaukee, but I do plan on living back in Green Bay when I retire in a few years, so I am renting the place out as I do not want to sell it. As you can imagine, people are VERY fanatic about the Green Bay Packers there. My new tenants lied to me on my application and are actually Chicago Bears fans! They have made this known by putting out Bears crap all over the front lawn (flags, lawn gnomes, placemats, etc.). This has pissed off my neighbors something fierce as they do not want to live next to such blowhards. 

Can I evict them based on their lying to me on my application about being Packer fans? I would never have rented to them if I knew they were not as my house is located within walking distance of Lambeau field. I’d rather take a loss and stay there the 8 times a year I go a Packers game instead of renting to some Bears fans. 

Any help you can give would be appreciated.

This is possibly a hoax.

I sincerely hope it is.  If it isn’t I encourage the Bears fans to have Brian Urlacher over for dinner.