WWE CM Punk Upset With NIKE For Signing UFC Jon Jones

CM Punk is never one to hold his tongue on anything, so when it was announced yesterday that NIKE had signed UFC Superstar Jon Jones to a mega contract he wasn’t pleased.

The reason why is because Jones is a convicted drunk driver.

WWE superstar C.M. Punk is furious with Nike … claiming the sportswear giant is sending a HORRIBLE message to kids by signing UFC champ Jon “Bones” Jones … who happens to be a convicted drunk driver.

But moments after the announcement … WWE champ C.M. Punk unloaded on The Swoosh … saying, “Let’s reward more drunk drivers with endorsement deals! #responsibility.”

Punk — who doesn’t drink or smoke — is referring to Jon’s DUI conviction, stemming from a May 19 incident in which Jones drunkenly crashed his Bentley into a utility pole.

I will give Punk credit for not going after Jones, because it isn’t Jones’ fault Nike is giving him a duffel bag full of money.

Punk should know that NIKE like most major companies only cares about money, so a DUI wasn’t going to stop them from signing Jones.