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Zeralyn’s Guide on Who Not to Marry if You are a Professional Athlete

by BSO Staff | Posted on Thursday, August 16th, 2012
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This is self explanatory, I’m just here to help… I don’t want anymore Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Evelyn Lozada incidents to take place. Let these small steps guide you.

10. Where are your children at?

This young lady talks about kids that you never see. You wonder if this young lady the kid whisperer, she’s always talking about kids that she never has in her possession. This is a tell tell tale sign that she might be out trying to relive her life childless. No REAL mom would just leave their kids for weeks at at a time UNLESS it was work related. Not that band work either…

9. She’s new to the City…

No one really knows this girl. She may have just relocated there in the past 6 months. Anything longer than 6 months, a true ho will have dug her claws into the city’s promoters, DJ’s, Dope Boys etc already. Most women who say they live in more than one city and don’t have a reputable job. Yes, get you and your bands out of there quick.

8.First name ALWAYS, Last name VACATIONING…

I’m pretty sure most jobs have leave, and sick days, BUT THERE IS NO WAY it’s beyond 30 days. If your boo is gone most days out of the week and she’s not a flight attendant, it’s safe to say she might be living that hustle life. Not knocking it, just letting you know.

7. Locks on the phone.

This really is for males and females. Why do you have a lock on your phone? Did I miss where you have classified information stored in your phone? The blueprint to the land of Oz? Tupac’s latitude and longitude location. Locks mean you are hiding something.

6. She is an expert at oral sex…

This is self explanatory, this is not a talent you are just born with. Practice makes perfect.

5. She is in a rush to get married…

This is what I call a desperation attempt. These women, if they have fooled you, are trying to make you stick with them. All, before you find out they slept with a million people.

4. She used to strip…

Hahahahahahhaha I had to.

3. She used to model…


2. She likes the fast life

A woman that has no intentions of having  a career, family etc. All she talks about is money, clothes, cars and bags. This woman doesn’t want a real man she just wants a good time. If you are a good time guy, likes to pop bottles, shop, travel… this ones for you!

1. Bands will make her dance…

These are jokes and truths at the same damn time. Please to do not hold these to be heavily calculated truths…


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