49ers Joe Staley Says Lions Defensive Line Is Overrated

The Detroit Lions defensive line has started to garner a bad boys reputation for off the field incidents and somewhat dirty plays on the field.

With that reputation comes disdain when other teams get to face you.

The  San Francisco 49ers’ offensive line has no problem verbalizing that disdain for the Lions front four via Comcast SPORTSNET Bay Area. 

49ers’ left tackle Joe Staley let it be known in his own words that he felt the Lions defensive front was overrated.

“Extremely,” he said. “I’ve never been impressed by the Detroit Lions’ defensive line.”

“They didn’t want any part of us up front.”

“Look at the game. We killed them. Every single pressure they got was cheap. It was on a keep or something like that. They weren’t beating us one on one. We ran for about 200 yards (148 yards) on the so-called best D-line in all of football.”

When a unit begins to garner a reputation and get boastful about it, they shouldn’t be surprised when an opposing unit gets boastful right back when they get the best of them.

Tighten up Lions.