Aaron Rodgers Thinks Alex Smith Is More Than A Game Manager

Aaron Rodgers is a man who wants to let bygones be bygones.

Rodgers sat in the green for hours during the 2005 NFL while his quarterback counterpart for Sundays season opener, Alex Smith went no 1 overall.

Rodgers has gone on to win a super bowl, make people in Green Bay forget about Brett Favre, and one and NFL MVP award.

Alex Smith on the other hand has battled coaching changes, poor play, and the lofty expectations that come with being the first pick.

USA Today is reporting that Rodgers feels that the much maligned Smith is much more than a “game manager.’

“I think that term is a condescending term for quarterbacks.”

“I don’t think he’s a game manager. I think he’s a guy who takes care of the football and makes a lot of plays. I don’t think he got the respect that he deserves. I’ve been friends with him since we were 21 and I’ve followed his career.

“I definitely pull for him and enjoy watching him play.”

Sunday Rodgers will see first hand the full load of weapons Smith has on display.

He could enter the contest with renewed confidence, and playmakers all over the field for him to utilize.

If Alex Smith is much more than a game manager, now is his time to show it.