Allen Iverson Allegedly Skips Out on Ohio Pro-Am Game; Lawsuit Could Be Coming

Could be a case where A.I. or some of A.I. handlers took the money knowing Iverson wasn’t going to show up. If that is the case and there is a signed contract the organizers would have a valid lawsuit, but……….

There is one thing in their comments that might be a problem.

Event promoter Quincey Simpson felt terrible that Iverson didn’t show.

“He didn’t give me his word. He gave me a contract,” Simpson said of Iverson. “This wasn’t a handshake agreement. This was an actual contract that he was going to be here. I never had a conversation with Allen Iverson myself, I didn’t need to. I talked to his people and they assured me he was coming. They told me (tonight) he was in the Dayton airport. They assured me he was on the road (to here), but I’m starting to think that that was basically a lie. It was very embarrassing.

Who signed the contract?

If Simpson never talked to Iverson, who is to say A.I. even knew he was suppose to appear? Unless it is Iverson’s signature on the deal they won’t have much of a case.


A.I. is denying that he was ever suppose to appear at the event.

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