Amir Khan Fires Trainer Freddie Roach

Trainers in boxing are like coaches in any other sport, when things go wrong they are the first ones to be fired. Even Hall of Fame trainers like Freddie Roach.

“They said ‘Make Amir No. 1, get rid of Manny and Chavez and he will still come back to me,” Roach said. “I said I can’t do that. It’s simple.”

Roach said Khan’s team made the offer twice, first in a face-to-face meeting between Roach and Khan’s manager, Asif Vali and later in a phone call between Roach and Khan’s father, Shah.

Roach says he has no hard feelings for Khan.

Amir Khan is an extremely talented fighter with a lot of heart, but he is very undisciplined. We will see if that was bad training or just a hard headed fighter.

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