Are We Giving Robert Griffin Too Much, Too Soon?

John Madden called him the BEST player in football.

“I said RGIII’s the best player in the NFL today. That’s what I really thought. Those words did come out.”

He’s also been called Black Jesus, sent down to save both the Baylor program (which he did by the time he left) and whatever NFL drafted him.

“Spend enough time in the orbit of Robert Griffin III—known around Waco, Texas, as RG3, Superman, Black Jesus, the Ambassador and the Most Exciting Player in College Football”

But have we given Robert Griffin III too much too soon?

Granted, he’s a phenomenal talent, one of the rare quarterbacks who may be more inclined to be a pocket passer, even though he possesses game breaking mobility. He was the face of the rebuilding process at Baylor, helping bring them from a dormant program to becoming a 10 win team and bringing the school its first Heisman ever. Save for a torn ACL during his time there, he has been pretty durable. After his first game as an NFL QB, he looked as if he was a seasoned vet. Outdueling a Super Bowl MVP in his home, the most volatile stadium in the NFL, and looked like he’s done it before.


It’s only been one game. That’s nowhere near enough to make an assumption like that. BEST player in the NFL? John Madden, despite old age, knows better. He’s only faced one team in his career, and definitely needs more than that to shape his status in the league. Can he POTENTIALLY be the best? Yes. But not after one game.

2 thoughts on “Are We Giving Robert Griffin Too Much, Too Soon?

  • The thing is John Madden only gave him credit for that day. We often are strecthing to make a story and this an example of it. RG3’s opening day stats speak for themselves for opening day. True he has alot to prove but, for one day his numbers stood with the best of them.

  • The answer is YES but that’s what society does…it builds people up so they can shoot them down…..after he has 2-3 bad games (and he will cause he’s only human) the media will be calling him a fluke, phoney, fake etc….but that doesn’t mean he won’t have a successful career…it’s just something he’ll have to endure.

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