Bears CB D.J. Moore Says He Wants Jay Cutler to be his Baby Daddy

Moore might be smoking whatever had Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. feeling so good during his fight with Sergio Martinez. I normally can understand weird quotes that are trying to make a point, but this one might be the weirdest of all.

“If I could personally have babies, I would want Jay Cutler to be my baby father.”

I understand Jay Cutler and his teammates have a bit of a rocky relationship at times, but Moore is taking his affection for Cutler a little too far.  What does it mean when he says “if I could have babies”, shouldn’t be a “IF” to it, this is very confusing.

What I think happened was Moore was trying to use a more normal analogy like Cutler could be the godparents to his child or something like that, but got a bit flustered and said something he didn’t really mean.

On the flip side maybe Moore just likes to “play for the other” team, not that there is anything wrong with that.