Bears Matt Forte Not Happy Losing Carries To Michael Bush

Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte can attest to the phrase that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Matt Forte got his money in a new contract extension, but he sounds like the overall respect he covets is still lacking.

Forte does not sound please when discussing the carries he loses on the goal line.  Forte tries to take it with a grain of salt, because as he told the Sun Times, “It’s been happening my whole career here, so I don’t know.”

Forte eased off of totally distancing himself from the two back system offensive coordinator Mike Tice is utilizing.  The pro bowl running back even took it upon himself to compliment Bush somewhat.

“Mike can do it all, as well,’’ Forte said. “He can catch the ball on third downs, so there are no limitations when I come out of the game. It’s not like if I come out on third down, he can’t do the same thing.’’

Forte will need to come to peace with sharing carries with Bush.  Whether it’s via conversation or results, Forte needs to understand that the two back system can benefit him in the long run.

Forte should be fresher as the season wears on, leaving more opportunity to wreck shop like he did yesterday.

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