Bears vs Packers Thursday Night Game Recap

The highly anticipated NFC North game pitted the NFL’s longest rival teams head to head. The game started off as a defensive gem as both teams managed keep the other from gaining any significant yardage in the entire first quarter.

Green Bay struck first however, with a momentum swinging fake punt returned for a touchdown by Tom Crabtree.

The Bears never got going with Cutler looking frustrated the entire game and blown passes to his receivers in critical moments. Then there were the sacks…lots of them–seven to be exact. 3.5 coming from Clay Matthews alone.

Cornerback Tramon Williams came up big for the Packers vaunted secondary and gobbled up two interceptions. Altogether four interceptions from Cutler who had a nightmare of a game in which he completed just 11 of 27 passes for 125 yards.

This game was supposed to be the Bears proverbial coming out party where they’d test just how well they could hang with Green Bay. If tonight was any indicator it’s that they’ve got their work cut out and they need Jay Cutler to play harder. The Bears also suffered through the loss of Matt Forte who sat out most of the game due to injury. His offensive line looked damn near lackadaisical in the midst of his assault. No team that hopes to be a Superbowl contender allows their Quarterback to get smacked in the mouth 7 times.

For the Packers this was just the kind of victory they needed to get the critics off their back and assure themselves that they are an elite team. Now both teams stand at an equal 1-1 with 14 game left in the books. This should be fun