Billy King Thinks The Nets Are Championship Contenders

New Jersey Nets general manager Billy King has himself a team now, and with a good team comes the ability to talk a little bit.

Pro Basketball Talk is reporting that King that his Brooklyn Nets have championship mettle.

King thinks the Nets can win a championship yes.

“Can we win a championship? Yeah. But it takes luck in an NBA season to do that. You’ve gotta be healthy, get some breaks and the ball has to bounce your way sometimes.”

King was then asked if his new and vastly improved Nets roster can match the Miami Heat’s.

“I don’t know. … Miami’s very good. They’re the defending champions so that’s who everybody’s trying to beat, but I look at when we play them. For once, we’ve got pieces where we have a chance to beat them,” King said. “When we play the Lakers, we’ve got a chance to beat them. Every night we step on the court we’ve got a chance to win every game.

“We’re new to the party, but we’re going to be knocking on the door.”

When you resign Deron WIlliams, Brook Lopez, and can trade for Joe Johnson, I guess you can start to mention your roster with the Miami Heat.