Brandon Jacobs the reason behind Bart Scott’s media Lashout?


News broke today that earlier in the Jets locker room Dan Leberfeld writer for the magazine ‘Jets Confidential’ was threatened by Jets linebacker Bart Scott.

Well, there may be a deeper reason behind the unusual confrontation. Leberfeld went on Mike Francesa’s radio show on WFAN and explained Scott’s motive for cursing him out.
Leberfeld explained that Scott still holds resentment over the ‘Jets Circus’ back page that was featured in the NY Post during the off-season. The whole phrase of ‘Jets circus’ was coined by Giants Running back Brandon Jacobs.

Now how does this relate back to Scott, you ask? Jacobs and Scott are very good friends who both went to Southern Illinois University. Now, here’s the twist: Brandon Jacobs is featured on the newest edition of ‘Jets Confidential’ the same magazine Dan Leberfeld writes for.

Scott is currently boycotting the media due to what he feels is misrepresentation of the team. What one can deduce from this is that Bart Scott is essentially lashing out at the media over a phrase which took on a life of its own, which was started by his friend. Makes sense.