Brandon Marshall Wants Jay Cutler To Continue Being Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler’s most successful years as a passer were when he was throwing to Brandon Marshall.

The funny thing is the two walk enigma’s actually understand and look out for each other.

Marshall spoke Wednesday via ESPN Chicago and wants his quarterback to be who he is.  Marshall stated that “wouldn’t want to play with him if the quarterback didn’t possess a fiery demeanor.”

Marshall gave a few more comments in defense of his embattled quarterback.

“What people need to understand is everyone’s different.”

“Jay’s who he is. Whenever you get outside of yourself, I think that’s when you create problems. You have to be who you are. So when Jay is not fiery, that’s when I’m gonna have a problem. I’m gonna want to play with a different quarterback.”

“That’s the guy I want to play for.”

“We have to be productive. We have to make sure we’re communicating the right way. I think Jay is learning how to communicate with different guys. The things that go on in our locker room, we try to keep in house.”

Marshall took responsibility for his poor play against the Packers and stated that he understand he needs to be productive for Cutler to be successful.

If these two can get back on the same page and start hooking up for big plays, the drama from the past week will eventually go away.