Browns’ Greg Little Tweets he Could Care Less What Fans Think

After falling to the Cincinnati Bengals 34-27 the Browns’ Greg Little took to the greatness that is Twitter. More than likely after hearing all the negativity from fans after a loss that dropped their record to 0-2, Little sent out this zinger across the social media platform.

Honestly I really don’t care what fans say I really could careless! I ride with the 53 men in the locker room and the coaches thats it.

While there will be many to crush Little for his comments, if I was a Browns player I’d be frustrated if fans took to their keyboards to call me all kind of names they wouldn’t dare say to my face. While that is no excuse for Little to say such remarks, it only illustrates the disconnect between fans and players.

Too often fans think the only responsibility a player has is to provide them their entertainment every Sunday afternoon. It’s lost that this is their job, and more than the 53 players who suit up are affected by how the team performs on the field.

While players shouldn’t make statements like this as it’s a public relations nightmare, fans should also show some restraint at the vitriol they direct towards the players on their favorite team as well.


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