Browns Passed on Trading for RG3 Before Draft Because He Was “Too Small”

I get paid very small amounts of money not to be a prisoner of the moment.

One good game doesn’t make you and one bad game doesn’t break you, but you have to question the thought process of the Cleveland Browns franchise.

If they didn’t like RG3 that is fine, but their reasons seemed a bit odd.

The other options Cleveland had at quarterback this offseason are being discredited. Veteran beat writer Tony Grossi reports that the Browns only pursued Robert Griffin III “enough to say that they tried.” Griffin was viewed as “too small” and “eager to show how fast he was.”

Those are two dumb reasons to discredit someone, but even with that being said instead of using their highest draft pick on a priority position they drafted a running back.  A very good college running back, but still a running back.  When addressing their quarterback of the future they drafted a 50 year old Brandon Weeden.

Unlike Luck, RG3, Wilson, Locker, Ponder, Cameron, Dalton and all the rest of the young guns, Weeden doesn’t have time to develop.  If he isn’t good immediately by the time he figures it out he will be in retirement home.

My personal opinion is the Browns need to clean house.  Everything must go like a Good Times eviction.  Keep some core pieces, but beyond that they have to start fresh, because this current set up doesn’t look like it is going to work.

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