Calvin Pace Implies Jets Intentionally Tried to Hurt Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush was having his way against the Jets defense until while in a pile he hurt his knee. Happens all the time in the NFL, so at the time no one thought anything of it, but these comments from Calvin paces makes you wonder if it really was just an accident.

“Reggie, I guess he was doing his thing for a quarter or two,” Pace said. “We had to put him on out. We didn’t see him again.”

I hope he was just talking in general and not specifically about trying to hurt another player. The NFL is very sensitive about these type of things because of the bounty scandal with the Saints.

While I believe the majority of NFL players just want to play clean hard hitting football, it would be naive to think that there aren’t players who intentionally try to hurt impact players to get them out of the game.

Hopefully that wasn’t the case here, but the NFL will take a closer look at the play that did injury Reggie Bush.

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