Cam Newton Denies He’s Seeing A Psychiatrist

Cam Newton is under fire again because of the way he handles losing and how his disposition affects those around him.

I wrote in previous articles that no one wants a good loser around them, but a poor loser is even worse.

Newton was recently scolded by teammate Steve Smith for the way he handled last Thursday ugly loss to the Giants.

There are reports coming out that Newton has taken steps to remedy how he handles losing and adverse situations.

The Charlotte Observer via Chris Mortensen is reporting that Newton has been going to see a “Mind Coach”, aka sports psychologist to help him deal with the heavy expectations he is facing in his second NFL season.

Newton himself came out and denied that same report.

“I have not hired a sports psychologist,” Newton said. “I have no idea where that came from. I have a strong support system in my teammates, coaches and family. My focus is on improving this week and getting ready to play Atlanta.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera chimed in and tried to take some of the heat off of Newton,even admitting he has a mind coach on speed dial.

“I’ve got a guy on speed dial that is a sports psychologist that I’ve talked with since 1999, and he’s been outstanding with me,” Rivera said. “So I see no issues with it. I think it’s great that he’s trying to be proactive and help himself, if that’s what he’s doing.”

The pressure of being a quarterback in the NFL let alone a professional athlete can be enormous.

I have no problem with Cam seeing a psychologist if that is what he’s doing.

Do what you have to do to succeed sir.

We’ve seen many a quarterback fail and wash out in the NFL because they couldn’t hack it mentally.