Cam Newton Holds Up Team Bus; Wouldn’t Leave Locker Room

Cameron had a good game and he isn’t the sole reason why the Panthers lost, but as the quarterback you have to be abe handle the adulation and the blame.

Everything was good when Cameron was doing the A-Town Stomp End Zone Celebration, but when he fumbled on a 3rd down run that would have won the game for Panthers, he gave the Falcons an opportunity.

Like a good team the Falcons took advantage thanks to some horrendous secondary play to kick the game winning field goal. Cameron took the loss hard as you can imagine.

I did chuckle about the lotion comment. I don’t know if this is a big deal, but he has to be prepared for people to make it into a big deal especially after the Hello Kitty controversy.  Not to mention the rumors that Cameron has been seeing a Sports Psychiatrist.

Only thing that can fix this are wins.

I guess Newton didn’t hear Matt Ryan when he said “GET THE F*CK OFF MY FIELD”.

4 thoughts on “Cam Newton Holds Up Team Bus; Wouldn’t Leave Locker Room

  • You know, he might be a very good football player, when he truly begins to understand that there WILL, be bad days, for they aren’t ALL wins, for there will be loses and…….he will, he must, adapt or be swept up with mental problems because he can’t cope with losing a game. I guess that comes from actually growing up, which all of us do, some just a little faster than others, but experience does teach us about life as well as about football, and he either he learns, or he dwells on his ‘failures’, and then he will become a failure. He LOST, move on, for there is always another game to prove himself, and if he doesn’t, then the league is full of those who thought they were the best, only to have it slip from their grasp, simply because they couldn’t take losing a game or two, which ALL QB’s do throughout their tenures in the game, some just more than others, but learn you must, or you will acquire a reputation as ‘Loser’!

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