Cam Newton Thinks His Goals Are Mind Blowing

There’s no such thing as a good loser.   You find me a good loser and i’ll show you a guy who has never won anything.

The one topic of conversation regarding Cam Newton last season, week in and week out, was how he handled losing.

Pundits commented on everything from his body language after a loss, to how well he actually handled the losing.  To think someone is supposed to handle losing well.

Newton recently told Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports that his expectations of himself are “out of this world.”

“If I were to tell a person my goals, it might blow their mind — so I’d rather keep it to myself,” Newton told Silver. “But my expectations for myself will never be exceeded by someone else.”

In all seriousness, it’s hard to complain or dislike a guy who breathes winning.

That’s all the young man want to do.  In an era where mediocrity and half-ass effort is accepted, Cam Newton should get a round of applause.

You know the rest.

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