Caption The Photo: Lebron James & Crew Riding Round & Getting In

Definitely, give credit for not making his boys yes men and gophers, but instead putting them in positions of power in the corporate world.

Keeping all of his money in house with people he can trust and who for the most part are good at what they do (don’t know who idea it was to do The Decision, but I am willing to give them a mulligan on that one).

One thought on “Caption The Photo: Lebron James & Crew Riding Round & Getting In

  • Right on. I like how LeBron does this…inserts his friends into corporate America, then pulls them out after they’ve soaked up a through understanding of that particular market/business. Like you mentioned, did it with Rich Paul and CAA, but also with Maverick Carter and Nike.

    Guess that’s the difference between athletes like LeBron and Vince Young…Vince let a criminal defense lawyer and a middle school teacher manage him. But he messed up when he didn’t require them to get the proper training before they took up the task of managing Vince. LeBron, on the other hand, made sure his bros were immersed in that world and knew exactly how their experience could translate into helping their buddy, LeBron. The were mentored by Ari Emanuel (inspiration for Ari Gold of “Entourage) and Phil Knight.

    By the way, ‘The Decision was the brainchild of Ari Emanuel and none other than, Jim Gray. Maverick Carter played a small role.

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