Caption the Photo: The Worst Russell Westbrook Outfit of All-Time


Sometimes you can try TOO HARD to be different.

Russell Westbrook has reach that point. The only reason he wore this outfit is so people would talk about him. That is fine, if he wants to be an attention whore more power to him, as long as he is working on his game and trying to get better it is all good.

Oklahoma City can’t win a title without a focus Russell Westbrook, so we will see if his new found fame has had an effect on him in a negative way on the court.

If you want to see all the Russell Westbrook outfits you can click here for the rundown.


  1. Ses – Easy….all you have to do is have a poor concept of the English language and have the ability to steal articles from other websites. If you can do that, you’re hired!

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