Chad Johnson Strikes Plea Deal in Domestic Battery Case; No Jail Time

This was the expected outcome.

According to TMZ, Chad will plead no contest or guilty to Domestic Battery and receive probation. He will also have to go through some sort of counseling which he has admitted he is already doing.

Last night on Inside the NFL, Chad took full responsibility for the incident and said he needed to work on his anger issues and becoming a better person.

Because the case will never go to trial we may never know what exactly happened in that car on the night of his arrest, but what we do know is that he won’t have to worry about going to jail for it.

From all the information I have been able to piece together, it does appear that Johnson in some form struck Evelyn Lozada and regardless of what happened before that it is simply something that he shouldn’t have done.

The #1 thing that all men can take from this is no matter how much you are being provoked and even if she puts her hands on you, unless it is a life threatening situation it is best to just walk away.

Better to have your pride and ego hurt, than to lose everything because of the one split second when you snapped, justifiably or not.

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