Charles Barkley on Knicks Offseason Moves: “They Must Think it’s 1995”

The Knicks got a little better this offseason, but not a whole lot better. While JR Smith thinks they are going to win a title this year, they still don’t seem to have the proper mix of players around Carmelo Anthony to be anything more than a middle of the road playoff team.

Charles Barkley agrees and makes his point in a more colorful way.

When he was reminded that the Knicks made some moves, too, Barkley rhetorically asked who they got. Marcus Camby, he was reminded. “I like Marcus Camby,” he said. Then someone mentioned, “Jason Kidd,” and Barkley said, deadpan, “What year is this?”

Then he yelled over to Celtic great Sam Jones, who was warming up on the driving range, and mentioned that reporters were asking about the Knicks signing Camby and Kidd, then said of the Knicks, loudly, “They must think it’s 1995.

“It’s 2012,” Barkley said. “They went out and got 92-year-old Jason Kidd and 92-year-old Marcus Camby.”

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  • Is that Queen Latifah?

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