Columnist Suggest Tim Tebow Could Bolt The Jets in 2013 If He’s Still A Backup

Tebow Mania is a beast of its own kind.

Everyone wants to be a part of it.  It ‘s guaranteed ratings, and guaranteed to get everyone involved some attention.

So four days after Mark Sanchez looked really damn good in a blowout of the Bills, Tebow again is the lead story.

Gary Myers of the New York Daily News provided us with a report from a source who states that Tim Tebow will look to leave the Jets if he’s still working with the 2nd team in 2013.

The unnamed source reportedly told Myers, “I think he will be a good soldier.”

“At the end of the year, I think he will express those concerns to the Jets. He will want to move on. The one thing about Tebow is he is the quintessential team player. He would never do anything that is going to undermine the team. But he’s football-aholic. It’s in his blood.”

“Absolutely he will talk to the Jets or we will have misevaluated his competitive nature,” the source said. “There comes a point, where they get it and realize this is who I am and just accept that role. Tebow is not there yet.”

I’m in no position to accuse Mr. Myers of lying or trolling for attention.  Gary Myers says he has a source and he went with it.

The idea that Tebow is in a position to demand a trade is ludicrous.  More than playing, Tebow cares about his image and how he’s perceived.  I find it hard to imagine Tebow surviving a second trade in less than 2 years unscathe reputation wise.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports addressed the situation via his twitter page, and stated that someone from the Tebow camp trashed this story.


So Tebow is a competitor and did not go to New York to sit or be an afterthought.

I just don’t see Tebow becoming a problem either.