Confusion Arises on if Floyd Mayweather Bet $3 Million on Alabama or Michigan

Everyone in the media (or social media for that case) has sources..

Some sources are better than others, but without facts it is hard to know what is real and what is fake.

In regard to Floyd Mayweather’s betting habits the only people that know for sure are Floyd, his yes men and the sportsbooks. When Incarcerated Bob Tweeted that Mayweather placed $3 million worth of bets on Michigan to cover the +14 against Alabama it spread like wildfire throughout the internet.

It only intensified once Bama destroyed U of M. I am sure Bob trust his sources completely and that is why he went with the story.

At the same time reported that Mayweather had actually put $3 Million on Alabama to cover the -14 point spread which in turn would make Mayweather the big winner of the evening.

Only one can be true correct?

Not really, I spoke with someone who works in a Casino in Vegas and is familiar with Mayweather’s betting habits.  Here is what he has to say.

“Floyd routinely bets both sides of a game.  That way he never fully loses.  It is something a lot of gamblers do if they have enough money.  He might have put $1.5 on Michigan and $1.5 on Bama, if Michigan wins he makes a profit, if they lost like they did, he doesn’t take a full $3 million hit.  It is smart, so both of the of those stories could be right.”

So, for every winning bet slip Mayweather has shown over the years, there was probably a losing one right next to it, but who wants to see that.

4 thoughts on “Confusion Arises on if Floyd Mayweather Bet $3 Million on Alabama or Michigan

  • How in the world was it “smart” for Mayweather to bet on both sides? All you do is lose 10% no matter what happens in the game. The only thing he could done to have any chance of being profitable betting on both sides was to bet on both sides with different lines. Maybe taking Michigan +14 at some books and Alabama at -13.5 where the line differs, the only way he could prosper on this is if Alabma wins by exactly 14, otherwise you lose 10%. Doing so still wouldnt make since because you might as well put the 150k on a prop bet for Alabama to win by exactly 14 points which would pay out better. I hope you worded something wrong cause if you believe what you wrote, sportsbooks would broke

    • Source must have been a janitor at the casino. Betting both sides and guarantying yourself to lose the juice is a brilliant betting strategy! HA.

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