Cowboys Fan Goes On Wild Rant, Calls Team Pathetic (Video)

There is something about Seattle’s Kwest Field that just lulls the Dallas Cowboys to sleep.

Dallas look unconscious during a brutal performance against the Seahawks where they were bullied and manhandled.

This poor fan wanted to let America’s team know just how pathetic they were.


6 thoughts on “Cowboys Fan Goes On Wild Rant, Calls Team Pathetic (Video)

  • Thank you so much for this video. My family has banished me, my former friends still complain about some lack of priority on my part.

    However, I’ll be okay because I’m not a freak, an isolated singular case. At long last there is documented proof that I am not alone in this world. There ae others with this debilitating social disorder……not that I ever want to be cured.

    I broke up with my girlfriend because she told me to choose between her and the Cowboys. It was her sister’s wedding. Clearly, her sister didn’t want me to attend, scheduling it during a Cowboy game was all the proof I needed.

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