Cowboys Fan Goes On Wild Rant, Calls Team Pathetic (Video)

There is something about Seattle’s Kwest Field that just lulls the Dallas Cowboys to sleep.

Dallas look unconscious during a brutal performance against the Seahawks where they were bullied and manhandled.

This poor fan wanted to let America’s team know just how pathetic they were.


6 thoughts on “Cowboys Fan Goes On Wild Rant, Calls Team Pathetic (Video)

  • Whe is Jerry Jones and the rest of the organization going to realize that Romo is not the problem, nor is Bryant or anyone else? Fact! Jason Garrett had 11 days to get this team ready to play an inferior opponent, and they weren’t even close to being ready! They need a new head coach! He got clearly outcoached by Pete Caroll who had his trm far more ready on four less days work! It’s time to end this misery! Get rid of Garrett and get some hard-nosed SOB in there, like a Bill Cowher!

  • Lmfao! I feel so bad for him geez…..

  • Sexy as hell at the 2:30 mark with your nipple tweaking….damn u sexy….

  • I love this guy!!


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