Danny Ainge Says Rajon Rondo Is Now Celtics Best Player And Leader

Rajon Rondo was in Los Angeles this morning official Boston Celtics business.

Celtics brass was in the city of Angels to kick off the season with the Shamrock classic, a golf tournament to officially kick off the 2012-13 season.

Rondo had already been in L.A. for a week after organizing team workout with the rest of his Celtics teammates.

According to the Boston Herald and Danny Ainge, Rondo is now the Celtics unquestioned leader and best player.

Ainge stated Pierce and Kevin Garnett are still locker room leaders and statesmen, Rondo is his best player.

“The way he played last year in the playoffs, I thought, was pretty incredible.”

“He proved he’s the best player on the team. He’s earned the respect of his teammates and coaches,” said Ainge. “That’s a big step, and we’re excited for him this year.”

Big words from Ainge who once wanted to trade Rondo and now has officially handed him the keys to the organization.