Darrelle Revis Says he Fights Boredom When No One Throws His way

When you’re considered the best cornerback in the league the downside is, you don’t get as much action as your counterpart on the other side. So what does NY Jets cornerback do to fight the tendency to get bored?

Stay aware at all times;

“You’re fighting boredom, one of the things is really fighting boredom out there, because I don’t really get the ball thrown to me that much. So I just got to be prepared at all times and should expect the ball to come at me at any given time … I don’t get bored, but you got to be aware of it.”

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I completely get what Revis is saying, however, no one knows the day that he’ll no longer ‘Darrelle Revis’ and teams will be able to take advantage of his flaws. Perhaps he shouldn’t let teams assume he’s anywhere near bored and not on his toes.

Considering the Jets offense isn’t that potent the defense will be on the field plenty and well get to see if he has a moment of boredom.

H/T JbSmooth84.com