Deion Sanders Wants to Pay Less Child Support; Pilar Sanders Wants Him to Pay More



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All has been quiet on the Sanders’ front since a judge ordered Deion to pay roughly $10k a month in Child Support to Pilar Sanders.  Prime though says that is 6x more than is required by Texas Law and filed court papers according to TMZ to have his payments reduced.

While Deion is trying to give Pilar less money, she has filed her own papers to get more money.

Pilar says Deion is not telling the TRUTH about how much money he really has and is worth over $250 million.

My opinion is that the original judgment seemed about right and neither one of them should be trying to increase or decrease the payments.

FYI they are still legally married even though Prime has moved on with Tracey Edmonds.


  1. I doubt that Deion is worth $250 million. And I am with him, I don’t care how much money I have. Child support is for support of the child, not a means for the mother to bypass the need to work or maintain her lifestyle. Pillar needs to get a job to do her part to take care of the kids

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