Devon Alexander’s Trainer Says Randall Bailey Was Tricking Off Strippers; Fight Canceled

Randall Bailey can do one thing and one thing only, knock people out. If he doesn’t knock you out, he is probably going to lose.

He was losing to badly in an awful fight with Mike Jones and then this happened.

That got him a fight with Devin Alexander, but a week before the fight was suppose to take place he canceled with “back problems”. Alexander’s trainer has a different theory.

“If Bailey wasn’t hanging in the ‘hood getting high with his homies and tricking off with strippers he would have been ready to fight on September 8th but that’s okay. We will stay focused on the task and once Devon gets him in ring, he’s going to treat Randall like the piece of sh*t that he is,” Cunningham stated.”

Well, alright….

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