Donovan McNabb Says Brett Favre Warned Him About Going to Vikings

I think Donovan is still having a hard time coming to grips that his career is over. Even though he has a nice gig now at the NFL Network, he is still is hoping that he gets that call.

Until then he is making up excuses why things didn’t work out with the Redskins and Vikings.

Free agent quarterback Donovan McNabb was a guest on the Double Coverage podcast with Steve Wyche and Mark Kriegel, via, and explained that Brett Favre warned him about signing with the Vikings.

“He said, ‘I felt bad that you went over there’ and I kind of understood where he was going, what he meant,” McNabb said. “You know, I asked him why, because they went to the NFC Championship two years prior to when I got there. And he felt like they gave all that they had in order to achieve everything that they achieved.

Meanwhile we have no updates on if anyone has purchased Brett Favre’s pubic hair which was for sale.