Dwight Howard Said He Cried When He Met Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Today

Dwight and Kareem have a couple of things in common.

Both love attention and tend to exaggerate about things. Case in point.

Ask Dwight Howard if he will sign with the Lakers at the end of the season right now and see if he says…

“I guarantee you I am going to sign with Lakers and will be here for years to come”.

He won’t ever say that.

This isn’t the first time that Dwight has met Kareem, but suddenly today he was brought to tears? Kareem for his part has been begging Dwight to come talk to him, so he can teach him the sky hook and keep his names in the papers as well.

They should get along just fine.

I am sure all five of Dwight Howard baby mamas cry to whenever he decides to make his yearly visit.

47 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Said He Cried When He Met Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Today

  • Lol at the author. What a back-handed article. Get a hobby, bro.

  • Lmfao the author of this article is a butthurt ass Magic fan. The hate is unbearable!

  • Very unprofessional article. This is the first and last time I visit this site for sports news.

  • @Brotha
    More than just Magic fans hate Dwight. Like.. the rest of the NBA universe outside of LA and some in LA.

  • Dwight “The BABY-Maker” Howard should be Tearful in meeting Kareem as He is NOW A LAKER (No Shame In THAT…) Kareem has been A LEGEND on EVERY LEVEL of Basketball (He’s PLAYED Though…)

    And THE ENDING of THIS ARTICLE was Ridiculously FUNNY!!!

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