Dwyane Wade’s Ex Wife Says He Beat Her While She Was Pregnant

Dwyane Wade is making the rounds promoting his memoir and enjoying his second NBA title.

His ex wife Siohvaughn Wade is making her own rounds and she is not promoting or being complimentary of Mr.Wade.

Siohvaughn was recently on “Real Talk With Kietta”  in Chicago when she dropped a bombshell announcement.

She said Dwyane was an abusive man who beat her when she was pregnant.

“I was pregnant with Zion. Shortly before being hospitalized I was in Florida and I woke up in the middle of the night because I was sick, obviously with the pregnancy,” Siohvaughn said in the in-depth interview. “I noticed that Mr. Wade wasn’t in the house. I was calling him and calling him because it was probably like, two or three o’ clock in the morning and we went to bed together which means he must have gotten up out of the bed and just left in the middle of the night without telling me.”

“He finally got back several hours later, it was well into the next day and I was very upset. I was asking where was he and why he [would] just leave without saying anything,” she said.

“His response was at first to be verbally abusive. He was cursing, he was calling me names, he was telling me to shut the ‘f’ up.[…]”

”He picked me up and held me over his head literally in midair and threw me down in our bathroom. We had an ottoman in the bathroom and he slammed me down so hard that when my back hit the otooman it broke into four pieces and my back and head hit the concrete, the marble floor, excuse me, in the bathroom.”

Not sure how the ex Mrs. Wade figures this will turn out. Most people take her either for crazy or a liar.



3 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade’s Ex Wife Says He Beat Her While She Was Pregnant

  • This women is nothing but a crazy loon. I’m sure her motivation is money and she hopes to disparage Wade because he had the gall to fight for custody of his kids. His ex is a crazy women and the nerve of the “reporter” or whoever she is trying to imply that everything they are saying is true. You notice there are no tough questions, it’s all softball questions.

  • Maybe here intention was just to tell the truth. I always think that something was slimy about Wade. Especially the way the he parades his sons around in the media. I mean really according to the court documents he didn’t prove she was an unfit mom. So why take the kids from their mom when it seems like so wasn’t preventing them from seeing him. She was articulate and express herself very well. I don’t believe the media hype about her being crazy and not being a good mom. She’s right, she can’t win the media battle and its sad that Wade is playing it out in the media. Most people or celebrities without a hidden agenda would not have let a lot of this information out. You can also see that he does have a temper, but he tries to hide it.

  • The trend, especially for rich men, is to fight for custody instead of paying for child support. D Wade probably never really wanted to raise his kids but it’s much cheaper to get custody than to pay for everything for his exwife. You will see it more and more especially with shows like Basketball Wives where babies mamas flaunt their relationships in the media. It’s a catch 22. Now the women may not get the gold when they get pregnant by the rich athletes. Wade’s ex is probably telling the truth and he probably paid off the judge to get custody. Don’t give him credit for being some loving Dad. It was a financial move that the exwife couldn’t possibly win.

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