Evelyn Lozada Full Interview on Nightline, Says She’s Being Treated Unfairly (Video)

There was one thing that really stood out about this Nightline interview that gives you some insight on why Evelyn Lozada maybe the one who needs help more than Chad Johnson. I give Nightline credit for bringing up Evelyn’s violent past and how that makes people a little uneasy about believing she wasn’t the aggressor in the incident between her and Chad Johnson.

When confronted with this question Evelyn equated it to a woman who wears a tight dress to the club, gets raped and people rationalize it by saying she deserved being rape because of the outfit.

That is a TERRIBLE metaphor.

Not to downplay what happened to Evelyn, but it wasn’t rape.

That is like comparing getting stabbed in the shoulder or shot in the head. Yes, they are both an bad, but they aren’t the same.

What she should have said is she is being treated like a woman who has continually lied and falsely accused men on NATIONAL TV over and over again then claims she was rape. People might not believe her because of her past.  They would be justified in doing so, because it is classic case of Boy who Cried Wolf.

No one is treating Evelyn unfairly, she has for the years shown violent and bullying behavior on TV, social media and with the media, not to mention leaking her nude photos to the internet. In one of the clips with Chad Johnson she speaks on punching him in the throat because she saw him having lunch with a woman.

So, we are suppose to believe someone who says they would punch their spouse in the throat because of a lunch date would be calm when she found a condom receipt?

No one deserves to be abused, but a reasonable person would wonder if she is telling the full story.

Beyond that she claims she is going back on the Basketball Wives as a “changed woman“, time will tell, but for now in the immortal words of Jay Z.

“We don’t believe you, you need more people.”

You watch the video and come to your own conclusions.

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  • Getting stabbed in the shoulder can actually be more fatal than getting shot in the head, because of the hardness of the skull and the major arteries in the shoulder (think Sean Taylor’s death)

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