Evelyn Lozada Once Told Chad Johnson If He Cheats to Buy Condoms (Video)


I am not a lawyer, but I watched a lot of Perry Mason and Matlock as a kid (my grandmother was a fan) and even though these were fictional shows, one thing that always stood out was when they found a contradiction in someone’s story that is when they broke the case.

I don’t know exactly what happened in that car between Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada.

What I do know is Evelyn found a condom receipt, got mad and at some point a headbutt happened. Seems understandable that a woman would get upset if they found a condom receipt belonging to their husband, but there is one small problem.

Chad and Evelyn spoke about this exact situation BEFORE they got married. It was Evelyn who brought it up and said she understood what it meant to marry a high profile athlete.

When Chad subtly brings up that he might have to do what he has to do, Evelyn clearly states “buy condoms”. So, Chad did what she wanted, but then she asks for a divorce?

Perry Mason would have had these charges dropped already. Here is the video evidence.


  1. She’s not asking for a divorce because he bought condoms. She’s asking for a divorce because the man busted her head wide open.

    Jesus Christ.

  2. Come on man. You can’t believe women when they say stuff like “its ok to cheat on me” because they are only setting you up for a huuuuge downfall. Secondly, the “video evidence” is from a scripted reality show?????????? Is this site trolling the masses???????

  3. Arw you fuckibg retarded??? She did not file for a divorce for condoms. She filed for divorce because she had blood streaming in her eyes from getting her skull cracked open from being head butted.

    WTF is wrong with you, dude??? You are really trying to ride for Chad on this. Get OFF his nuts and his nonexexsistent payroll.


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