Evelyn Lozada Wouldn’t Cooperate With Police; Didn’t Want Chad Johnson to Go to Jail


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The prosecutors had a big fish in Chad Johnson and they were prepared to take his case all the way to trial, but without Evelyn Lozada cooperation a conviction would have been hard to accomplish.

Instead of wasting the tax payers money they offered Johnson a deal and because he is trying to get back into the NFL it made sense for him to take the slap on the wrist than trying to prove a point in court where a lot more dirty laundry would come out.

No word on what caused Evelyn to have a change of heart.  At the beginning it appear she was going to see it through to the end, but several things have changed since then.

Maybe, it was the fact Chad never threw her under the bus, if anything he has been a bit obsessive about getting her back (if you haven’t seen the tattoo he got of her check it out here). 

What I think most likely happened is the Evelyn realized she wasn’t going to get the Rihanna treatment.  She wasn’t going to be able to use this as a springboard.  Her past violent behavior was just too much for people to ignore.  Once she realized nothing good could come out of her dirty laundry being aired she told prosecutors she wouldn’t cooperate and did not want to pursue the case.

There is still a restraining order out on Chad Johnson, but don’t be surprised if they get back together.  Simply because they make more headlines together than apart.

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