Florida HS Football Uniforms Out-Do Oregon? (Photos)

I cant stress enough how HOT these Oregon Ducks uniforms are.

Apparently Im not the only one who is a great admirer of these uniforms. Atlantic High School in Delray Beach, Fla., has revealed their HS Football uniforms. The uniforms were made by Ray Boylston of the local Futuristic Woo.

These uniforms look like they tried incredibly hard to duplicate the Ducks uniform without having it look identical. The two-toned uniform is not a good look.

But wait!

Sigh, thats all I can say. Then with the orange mouth piece?

Florida, whats going on down there?

One thought on “Florida HS Football Uniforms Out-Do Oregon? (Photos)

  • It looks nothing like Oregon. Sure they’re both kind of out there, but aside from the wings (which the kids REALLY wanted) Atlantic High’s uniforms are pure originals.

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