Floyd Mayweather and Baby Mama Melissa Brim Domestic Dispute; Police Called

Floyd has to chill with these arguments with his ladies. He is developing a bit of a reputation as someone who strong arms women and that isn’t a reputation you want to have.

This is the third time Ms. Brim has called the police on him.

Just walk away when things start to get out of control.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Las Vegas Police were called to the home that Brim stays at and Floyd owns.  Brim told the police that her and Mayweather got into a verbal confrontation.

This isn’t the first time that Mayweather and Brim have gotten into a domestic dispute.  In 2001 Brim accused of Mayweather of slamming her head into a car door and punching her in the face.  She brought a lawsuit against Mayweather that she eventually dropped.

Five months later Mayweather was witnessed hitting Brim in the neck at the Mall while they were with their daughter.  Mall security called police, but Mayweather had fled the scene.  For that assault Mayweather took a plea deal and was sentenced to probation.

Brim declined to press charges in this recent case after some property that Floyd took from the home was returned to her.

The police also stressed there was no signs of a physical altercation, just a verbal one. Whatever the situation, Mayweather needs to get his temper under control. No matter who is at fault or who instigates the arguments, it is his name that is going to be in the headline on all the sites and one minor slip up will land him back in jail.

If he does something stupid, he won’t just get 90 days, but for some years, so if he can’t deal with these women, he needs to figure out a way to limit his communication with them for not just himself, but so his kids don’t have to visit their father in prison.

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  • Mayweather is a low life wife beater that will get his when he fights Canelo Alvarez

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