Former Auburn Coach Pat Dye Wouldn’t Trade Gene Chizik For 10 Nick Sabans

This has been a comical Wednesday no doubt.

The sound bites, quotes, and hysteria coming out of people’s mouths the past few days has been amazing.

Add this sound bite, quote, and delusion to the rest of the quotes.

Former Auburn coach and War Eagle legend Pat Dye was speaking to a crowd of Auburn supporters Tuesday night to help draw support for embattled head coach Gene Chizik and his players after their 1-3 start.

Dye sent out his version ether regarding that other group that rolls with the tide.

“Don’t question the guy we got leading the program,” said Dye, who reminded the crowd of Chizik’s part in three undefeated teams, including Auburn’s 2004 and 2010 squads. “I wouldn’t swap him for 10 (Alabama coach Nick) Sabans.

“Saban is the best coach in the country — I’ll grant him that. But he ain’t a better man than Gene Chizik.”

“I’ve been saying that they played as hard as any football team I ever coached at Auburn, and I coached some pretty damn good ones,” Dye said.

I’m all about respecting my elders, but Pat Dye has bumped his head.

Poor man.

H/T USA Today