Freddie Roach Says Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight Being Negotiated for December

They have said this many times before and in the end the entire thing falls apart.

I give this more credence because it is coming from Roach’s mouth, not the 72nd member of the Money Team or the guy who shines Manny Pacquiao’s shones.

With that being said I still wouldn’t get my hopes up.

Here is what Roach had to say.

Coach of former world champion in eight weight categories Manny Pacquiao (54/04/02, 38 KOs), Freddie Roach, said that at the moment negotiating for a fight with the world champion in five divisions Floyd Mayweather Jr. (43-0, 26 KOs), who could be held this year on December 8 in Las Vegas.

“Bob Arum Confirmed yesterday in a conversation with me, which is currently being negotiated with the team Floyd Mayweather on the organization of the match. I think that this fight will take place and best of all, if it happens in December. I think that the outcome of these negotiations will have to wait a few more days “- Roach said.

I don’t trust anything that Bob Arum says, so take this with a grain a salt.

The only thing we do know is that Pacquiao is fighting on December 8th in Las Vegas and the opponent is yet to be determine.

Will it be Mayweather?

I wouldn’t bet $3 million on it…………..