Gabrielle Union Says She Dates Younger Men Like D Wade Because It’s Easier



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Here is the quote from Gabby about why older women sometimes are bitter and lonely because they don’t want to give up control and why she dates younger men.  Quote is provided by and we are going to use the BSO Translator to tell you what she really means.

“I think [women] struggle” with giving power to men.

“My girlfriends and I are very independent,” said Union, 40. “We’ve been doing it WELL on our own for a long time, and sometimes that’s hard to give up a little power — to sort of acquiesce to another person and let somebody else lead sometimes — or all the time.”

“Men who are in our age range also have a lot of options, and maybe sometimes it’s easier to go younger with a lot less expectation,” she said.

I put this all in the BSO translator and here is what Gabby was really saying.

“My  friends are stupid, I got me a young dude who is too dumb to know I am running game on him and he is worth $100 million.  I pretend to let him think he is in control and that’s why I am smarter than my friends.  Oh and Siohvaughn IN YA FACE!!”

Any questions?


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