Giants Martellus Bennett Says He’s a Great Book That Was Covered Up By Bad Books


Sometimes an athlete has to know not only when to speak up for himself, but when to keep his mouth shut.

New Giants TE Martellus Bennett spoke with a reporter about his career to this point, and what he believes his short-term future holds:

“I’m super excited about the chance to go out there and be the guy and show the  world what I’ve been capable of,” Bennett said after practice on Saturday. “I  think it’s been a long time coming. I’m super excited to show who I am and the  player I’ve always been that I never got a chance to show.
“Sometimes the  great books are covered up by the bad books. Somebody finally gets to take this  great book off the shelf.”

So, who exactly were the bad books in the Cowboys offense? Jason Witten, arguably the BEST tight end in the NFL? Miles Austin, Dez Bryant (Game changing playmakers in their own right)? Potential is something that is often misread and he can be great, but with 4 years to prove himself, he has yet to catch 100 passes or reach 1,000 yards TOTAL. He’s also stuck on 4 CAREER touchdowns. If that is considered a great book, I see why people don’t have time to read.