Giants TE Martellus Bennett Says Eli Manning is Like His New Girlfriend

If there was a Freddie Mitchell Hall of Fame of receivers and Tight Ends who talked a lot, but didn’t do that much on the field, Martellus Bennett would be a first ballot lock.

Marty B talked, tweeted, youtubed and assorted other things while he was with the Cowboys, but on the field the Marty B show was a bust.

Now, he has taken his talents and mouth to the NYC and we will start seeing if this show last more than one season.

“I’m super excited about the chance to go out there and be the guy and show the world what I’ve been capable of,” Bennett said after practice on Saturday. “I think it’s been a long time coming. I’m super excited to show who I am and the player I’ve always been that I never got a chance to show.

“Sometimes the great books are covered up by the bad books. Somebody finally gets to take this great book off the shelf.”

“Sometimes I just text (Manning) to say, ‘Hey, I am happy to be your teammate,’” Bennett said. “We just want to be on the same page. I want him to be able to read my mind and my body language. It’s like having a new girlfriend. You want to go to dinner dates to get to know her better and have a good conversation with her. If he’s sitting down at lunch and there’s like  four people sitting at the table, I just pull an extra chair and make the extra room and sit next to him.”

Marty B old girlfriend Tony Romo didn’t shed any tears about him leaving, so we will see on Wednesday night what happens when a Tight End is scorned.

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