Giants Victor Cruz Said He Wouldn’t Have Lied Like Golden Tate

I have no problem with Tate lying.

He got a gift and wasn’t going to give it back. If I find $50 on the street I am not going door to door looking for its owner.

Tate decided to go the Eddie Guerrero route, more power to him. Giants Victor Cruz went on Mike and Mike and said he would go all Beaver Clever.

I would have been honest,” Cruz said. “Obviously, the film shows, the video shows that I obviously didn’t catch the football. I wouldn’t have owned up to catching it, if I didn’t catch it.”

Ironically, I think Cruz is lying.

He would have probably said the same thing as Tate, but the fact of the matter is the Seahawks got the W and they shouldn’t feel bad about it.

They didn’t make the call.

6 thoughts on “Giants Victor Cruz Said He Wouldn’t Have Lied Like Golden Tate

  • I think you’re missing the point. If Tate said he didn’t catch it, they weren’t gonna take it back from him, so why lie? He wouldn’t have gotten any penalty for telling the true, so what’s the point in carrying the lie? People don’t have a problem with the Seahawks accepting, they have a problem with them lying like he really caught the ball. It’s like R. Kelly lying that he wasn’t on tape when we’ve seen the tape.

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