Golden Tate Says I Pushed Off But I’m No Cheater


I swear I fell out when I read this.  I know it’s not proper journalistic etiquette to start an article off laughing.


Where was I.

The Seattle Times is reporting that Tate has chosen to come clean.

He admits to grotesquely pushing off.

“I’m not going to deny pushing him. The evidence shows on the film. But like I said, I never had intentions on cheating. I wasn’t trying to cheat. I was competing, it was in the moment. Things are happening so quick. I honestly didn’t even notice I did. I didn’t try to hurt him or push him down to the ground, but it happened. It was so quick. It was just a reaction kind of thing.”

“I personally felt like I had the ball,” Tate said. “We both fought, we both competed for the ball, and the call ended up going our way and winning the game.”

Tate really topped of the hilarious interview when he plugged his new-found twitter fame.

“I moved up in followers by like five or six thousand,” Tate said. “I’m kind of becoming a big deal here.”

Pure entertainment.

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  • Proper journal étiquette? At this website? Puh-lease…

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