Isaiah Stokes May Be The Biggest 8th Grade Football Player Ever

It has to be weird to be a 6-foot-8 270 pound all everything basketball player entering your sophomore year at Tennessee and know your little brother in the eight grade probably isn’t afraid of you.

That’s the dilemma facing Jarnell Stokes who is probably considered a man-child around his Knoxville, Tennessee campus but no longer in his own home.

Jarnell has a younger brother Isaiah Stokes who may the biggest eight grade football player in history.

Now we have no facts to verify that, but young Isaiah is big.

Isaiah Stokes is 6-fo0t-7  225 from Memphis, Tennessee and in the eight grade.  He doesn’t play pee-wee football so his weight nor his age can be contested.

I’m sure he has a height and weight advantage over everyone he plays.

If Isaiah Stokes didn’t have recruiters beating down his door, he does now.

He is a Southeastern Conference coaches dream and if he has any athleticism to go with that frame, can you imagine the speed rusher he’ll be.

H/T USA Today

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  • A friend of mine shared the article about Isaiah Stokes, his size is extraordinary. I know an eighth grader that is 13 yrs old 6’4”and 275lbs he may not have the height but he definitely out weights Isaiah. He also plays football for a local youth league team.

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