Isiah Thomas Helping to Cut Down Gang Violence in Chicago

If someone hadn’t forwarded me this article about Thomas I would have never known. So, many negative stories get media attention, that sometimes a story like this falls through the cracks.

The violence in Chicago this summer has been well documented and stars like Derrick Rose have spoken out about how disgusted they are by it.

Thomas decided to not speak with his words, but his actions. He hosted a Peace Basketball Tournament on the Southside of Chicago and invited kids from all the neighborhood gangs to come out and play. His plan is simple and hopefully effective.

Here is what he had to say to

“Murder has run rampant in Chicago the last couple years, but gangs are calling a truce for this. By getting them to come together and play a sport, they might come to know each other. We believe it’s hard to kill someone if you get to know him.”

So simple, but so true. Hopefully, the truce extends beyond this weekend. Derrick Rose came out and supported event which meant a lot.

Hard enough to survive in this world without us killing off ourselves.

One thought on “Isiah Thomas Helping to Cut Down Gang Violence in Chicago

  • I hope this work but these kids are getting killed by people who use to be their friend…so they know the person they are killing too well…in fact, thats how they know where they are when its time to kill them…this city is sad…this is a great start and we need more of it from more people…stars, community, politicians (who r just as corrupt in this city), parents…everyone!

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